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Hi, I’m Nancy
A goldsmith and jewelry designer

Why did I become a goldsmith?

Ever since I was a child I was enthralled by gems. My first ‘stones’ were a gift from my parents when I was 6 years old. Some of which I still have. I also had a collection of ‘rocks with crystals’ in them. Those were my ‘diamonds’. And believe it or not, I lugged those stones all the way to school to show of my ‘diamonds’. My class mates and teachers seemed bemused.

But as so often happens, instead of choosing for my passion, I enrolled into the education I was advised. Before I knew it I ended up in the medical sector. And life moved on… not quite what I had in mind but…

…Then I heard of a training goldsmithing-jewelry design,

I didn’t hesitate one second. I started my training in 2006. For over 6 years I was back on the school benches, well, more precisely work bench. I took a lot of long hours and hard work…

Nonetheless, I finally felt relaxed, being able to work with my hand and to create something from nothing.

The moment I mastered the ability to integrate precious stones and gems into my designs, a new world opened up to me. This is It! This is what I want to do! It was so very clear.

You know, that moment when it all adds up! Time stops. For a second.

That made it clear to me that continuing to work in the medical sector would never give my 100% satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful and noble calling, but it’s just not mine.

In 2009 I finally started on my own as independent goldsmith – jewelry designer. And I haven’t regretted my decision for one minute. Quite the contrary.

Maybe my story will inspire you to think about what you would really love to do. Circumstances sometimes cause dreams to be stored on a shelf. They are still there, maybe have a look? Me, I’m very glad I looked them up, dusted them down a bit… Who knows what will happen.

What else do I feel passionate about?

Aside from my passion for diamonds, I love to travel. I love it to see new things and gather new experiences. It makes a person grow.

Of course, when travelling, it’s hard to ignore my love for gems and jewels. In fact, I often select specific sites to visit just for that purpose. On those special places I really  take my time to look for that unique ‘stone’, that special technique and so much more. I’d love to share those experiences with you. Check out ‘Nancy travels’.

Nancy travels

I’m also the nature type and a friend of all animals. A brisk walk in the outdoors, in the fresh air calms my nerves and feeds my energy. My house is loaded with plants, from all over the world. Seriously, it’s a jungle. And it takes a lot of time taking care of them all, but I couldn’t imagine living in a house with plants. Just the same as a house without a cat. Hence the purring and snoozing domestic tiger Figi.
I live near the city of Ghent (Belgium) together with my friend Koen and my cat Figi.

This post is also available in: nl

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