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Three Diamonds Jewelry Collection

Exclusive designs

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Goldsmith, designer, globetrotter

Nancy Allewerelt

Love for nature, architecture and geometrical shapes. Those are my primary sources of inspiration.

I appreciate simplicity and purity in my life. This I try to convey into my designs. You will notice that my designs aren’t overloaded. I try to let every small detail yield its full splendour.


When it comes to creating a new design I will take my time. I try to come up with something ‘different’. Often I use lesser known gems or tropical hardwood. But I will only work with high grade materials. I always offer excellent quality, so you will be able to enjoy the jewel for a very, very, long time.


In this section I would like to share a small selection of my work.


The finishing of a jewel is extremely important. In this craft, the level of finish defines the level of skill of the goldsmith. This is where my penchant for perfectionism comes in really helpful.

I also like to play with the combination of polished glossy surfaces and matte or dusted parts. Depending on the incidence of illumination this adds a fascinating effect.

Just a tad different.

So, by now you know I’m crazy about gems and diamonds. They are a recurrent theme in my designs. There were always and at least by three little diamonds included. By the way, diamonds are the highest grade and certified non-conflict or non-blood diamonds.

The three diamonds together form my sigil or master stamp. My unique signature as goldsmith.




Do drop in every now and then to discover the latest news.

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Selected pieces!

Reflecting Stars

Master piece!

I Love Working With Creative Minds

If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

This post is also available in: nl

nancy allewerelt Three diamonds

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