Handcrafted Hmong Jewelry: Earrings


Hmong jewelry: earrings (2 items)

Materials used: messing (yellow brass) square wire and beadworks – coloured wax cord

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‘Hmong’ jewelry: earrings (2 items)

This ‘Hmong’ jewelry collection finds its origin with the Hmong people from the northern mountain ranges in Thailand. This is a living art form firmly rooted in tradition, continuously reinventing and transforming itself. Due to the multitude of ethnic craftsmen designing these jewels. Especially the beadworks shows influences in craftsmanship of Karen and Tai Yai ethnic minorities originally from Myanmar.

This is a prime example of how diversity exceeds the differences and creates something better and more beautiful.

Every piece is carefully handcrafted. So every piece is unique and small differences may occur. Also the use of natural gems results in natural variation in colour and pattern.


Earrings: 2 items

Handcrafted in messing – yellow brass

Traditionally knotted/braided with wax cords

Colours: green – pink – fuchsia – black

Descriptive code: 066/01/0007

This post is also available in: nl

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