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Diary of a goldsmith

Hi, I’m Nancy Allewerelt. Welcome to my blog.

I’m happy to invite you to join my world of goldsmithing, world travels and jewelry design.

Through this blog I would like to share my passion for jewelry, gemstones, and the craftmanship of jewelry making worldwide.

 “About Nancy

Here you can find out who I am, what my formal training is, what drives me and what inspires me

Pop in at “Nancy travels” and I’ll take you along on my adventures

One of my passions in life is travelling. My last name literally means ‘all the world’.

So I’ll be happy to take you along on my remarkable explorations and discover gems all over the world.

The amazing Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, the magnificent gem Larimar only to be found in the island of Hispaniola, quartz crystal riddled caves in steaming hot jungles and so much more…

So, come on, let’s go!


What’s more. Once back home, it’s really something else to work with your very own locally sourced gems in jewelry. That’s one piece of jewelry with a story!

Under the caption “Portfolio” you can find a sneak preview of my own jewelry brand

Three Diamonds

I believe it’s essential to create your very own unique style. That’s something that takes time, patience, discipline and a lot of effort. I also use uncommon materials in my designs: a less known gemstone, some tropical hardwood varieties, an insect encased in fossilized amber. In addition, you will find that in each of my jewels three diamonds have been ‘quietly’ integrated into the design.

My complete and up to date collection can be found on: or

Nancy writes

Keep an eye on the blog. This is where I’ll cover various topics in more detail. This can range from how to maintain jewelry, to the 4 c’s that determine the quality of a diamond. This is also the place to keep you up to date during my expeditions. A lot to talk about.


During my travels I sometimes come across designers and craftspeople who simply leave a great impression on me. That’s why I would like to give them an opportunity to present their collection and work here. You’ll also find gemstone pendants, pearl earrings, ethnic jewelry and sometimes unique opportunities listed here. The webshop is an ongoing project with regular updates, so drop in from time to time.

Since I get a lot of practical questions on professional maintenance of jewelry, I’ve also decided to list a couple of reliable cleaning products.

If you are looking for custom made jewelry, contact us or have a look at: or

This post is also available in: nl

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